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Website hosting

If this is one of those jargon phrases for you, don't worry. All you need to know is that, if you have a website, you need to pay for it to be stored somewhere. If you don't already have this arranged, I can provide this service from £72/year. I can also help you buy a domain name (for example, Prices for this vary but, if you get in touch, I can give you a quote.

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Website support & maintenance

First of all, if I've built a website for you and you ever have any problems or questions about it, you can email or call me and I'll help you out free of charge. If you're looking for help regularly maintaining your website, such as adding new content, I can do this for you from £10/month (£120/year).

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Take a look at our portfolio of beautiful church websites. Each one is custom-built based on each church's requirements. And, not only do they look great on your laptop or desktop computer, but our sites are responsive, which means they will look fantastic on whatever device you view them, whether PC, tablet or mobile phone.

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